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ahoj nazdar dobre ze kukas, su pekne self-study a tak, blablabla, maj sa pekne daj odber na mail a fb ked vyjdu nove a kukni tie, ktore uz vysli DOLE

Investment: $7 +

Private 1:1 Call - 45 min

Jump on a 45 minute 1:1 call with Malgery!

Help with guidance, in all aspects, tailored just for you! 45 minutes ensure the right pace for deep discussion and understanding.

"One of the perks of a one-on-one call is the value of the personal level. You don't have to piece things together from courses and books - it gets done for you, to you.
Exactly how you need it."


Pre-call Worksheet

Problem-focus-play! - determine what you need the most

Basic Anxiety & Doubts Manager

1:1 Call Booklet - How does it work?

...este jednu vec downloadable


Investment: $777

Celestial Gang (closed)

Celestial Gang is the best membership program, only for the top ambitious spirituals!

With access to many courses and bonuses, giveaways and on-line events, CG is the place you've been looking for!

  • ↠ Support of your peers
  • ↠ Personal attention
  • ↠ Access to all courses
  • ↠ All my new books free pre-release
  • ↠ Weekly 1:1 Call with Malgery (optional)
  • ↠ Be a member of the private Facebook group, only for registered members!
  • ↠ Special prices for Crystal Paintings
  • ↠ SoulPack Giveaways*

Unlock your FULL potential and experience rocket fast soul growth with us, in this group!

Made exclusively for the people who care about themselves and the world, and want to fully unfold their ethereal wings for the world to see!

Unsure about time investment? Don't worry, you can pause anytime!

Value of all this, even without the bonuses and personal, priceless parts, vastly surpasses the monthly investment.

Investment:  $1111/month
(Valued at $11200)

*SoulPack is a special, one-of-a-kind box of goodies. Uniquely yours, it's a selection of books, items and gifts that have helped me and many others. Handwritten message included!

I want to thank you so very much for all you do, and the way in which you say it! I appreciate your boldness and straightforward approach! Some of us respond better to honesty with absolutely NO BS and sugar-coating!

Elena V.

Saving this. Thank you so much for sharing. Your posts are amazing!

Claudia D. A. Rivaz

Thank you Malgery for sharing your knowledge. It’s much appreciated! ^_^

Silvia M.

Thank you. You are a wonderful light.
Thanks again for sharing your recommendations and guidance!

Warrick S.

I love how well you explain things, even a beginner like me understands them!
You cover so much from the perfect viewpoints. Thanks to this, I could get amazing results only from your free content! Keep up the great work!

Stanka M.

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