Why I was gone

Some of you may remember my excitement about things regarding personal development and spirituality. That was never lost.


Unfortunately, I’ve been at a tense place for the past year or two, walking on eggshells day and night,
until I decided to drop the relationship after two years of one-sided effort to make if work great again.
You know, I realized one thing for sure.

You need two people for a relationship.

…and so I quit. I was exhausted and depleted from all resources I had.
I quit too late. Had too much hope.
That’s the hard part about being a coach. You see the potential in people. Believe in them, support them. And that can be a trap with people who are not worth your while.

It’s not like this article is about anything. It’s more of a life update, and an introduction to new times.
It can’t be an apology, as things were out of the reach of what I could influence.
And what I didn’t certainly expect was,
that all my discipline and the tower built by the work I’e been doing on myself all these years –
simply crumbled.

That was kind of a shock, I admit. But hey, intense daily pressure does things.

Now I can’t say I’m starting all over again. I’m older, more wary, more careful about certain things.
And more open about some other things.

You know, I actually wanted to start writing and teaching people ever since I was seventeen. I knew a lot about many different things back then, but I was held back.
“Why would anyone listen to someone who isn’t even 18.”
So I waited. And my interests changed, but that is not what I mind.

I mind that I allowed to be influenced by something like that.
Even though there isn’t a shadow of a way to change it now.

But, would I go back in time to change it?



There’s a chance I wouldn’t meet the people and beings I did thanks to this whole bad thing.
After I left that person, I was on my own. And still am, to an extent. But I have people to lean on emotionally, which is the most precious thing you can have.

Luckily, even though my manifestation skills of material things were always mediocre – as I barely cared – bringing new beings into my life is much easier and much more efficient.
Same thing happened with Maru – I wished and the opportunity came. Only thing left to do was to take it.


Now I must learn to do the same in other areas as well. I want to, rather.

So that’s something that’s awaiting me for the future months. I’d like to share my journey with you.


Plans for my YouTube channel and other video broadcasts… likely except Facebook;
I still have my notes from back when I was 17-19, about personal deveopment in a more ‘basic’ sense, including personal finances etc.
In order to be able to give away my notes, I first need to make the use of them. The way I always intended.
The videos aren’t (and won’t) be the most personal, as, hey, it’s kind of a thing of my past. But I’ll throw it out there, so anyone who needs it, will find it.
And as soon as I’m doen with that,
the time for the real stuff will come.


So, hey, just a quick update of sorts.

Thank you.

– Malgery Aldaine

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