White Nature Magic (Weiße Naturmagie) BOOK REVIEW

( The White Nature Magic by Bran O. Hodapp & Iris Rinkenbach )

Hi lovelies!

Yesterday, I’ve finished reading a book (after a long time slacking off on my progress…Ehm.)

And I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

I mean a LOT!

The White Nature Magic really resonated with me on many levels. I’ve learned a ton of new things, even though I haven’t managed to find any group to perform the group rituals, nor found a suitable place for them.

That’s why I’m looking forward to my in-the-middle-of-woods house. Just me, and vast calmness and life around me.

The book mostly revolves around the original Celtic tradition of shamanism and knowledge.

And I discovered, that the merging with an animal, ‘shapechanging’ into it is an official practice, even though it came to me long ago as an intuitive thing. This happens often.

I haven’t been that much drawn to the first book of the series – which is The Rituals of White Magic. I might review it in the future, though!

Back to the book!!

I love the emphasis on the power of your own decision. The book lets you know, that with any powers you have, only you can choose for what you’ll use them. A big truth.

Words like these always remind me of a power of mine – creating vicious nightmares the person can’t wake up from. Even when I’m trying to wake them up, shaking them and such.

As soon as I discovered this… skill within me, by a complete accident, I felt humbled and shocked.

I’ve had no idea such strength resides within.

And sure as heck I’m dedicated to the path of Light. The fact I can doesn’t mean I enjoy it or that I should. Bleh.

Though, it’s difficult! I mean, my brain’s response is to dull the WHOLE thing, and not allow me to channel the power to the good that can be done.

Which may be also the result of a long-term unhappiness and sense of peril in my life, tearing me away from the well of positive energy which was the one inside. *sigh*

Anyways, the choice is all the time, always and RIGHT NOW.

Chronological Book Review

During the first pages, you get to read a bit about the Hopi tribe of Northern America. The intro is short, but already there are grains of knowledge involved. I love the:

“…and this way it created the level of trust, which manifests within us as an appearance of Three Divine Traits; Wisdom, Compassion, and Respect-Power, in such a scale it draws in the attention and cooperation…”


“…sure way to experiencing the joy of the greatest victory with momentum, the victory showing us the largest and the most powerful miracle – ‘magical powers’ are, in the end, ‘the strongest and last defense/weapon/resort’.”

Interesting, right?

Being in tune with what I internally know, after reading these words I knew I should continue reading.

Later in the book, the author states the wisdom is equal to love, in terms of meaning. That they’re the same. Fascinating, and with a bit of a step-back and a thought, it feels true.

Further on, the book talks about the importance of healing ourselves first, and then our work might heal the Earth. The same rituals and activities performed while healing yourself, if you continue doing them after you’re internally in a tip-top shape, will contain a lot of positive energy being redirected back to the Mother Planet.

Then it talks about gradual rise of disasters and whatnot, the environmentalist stuff

– this time connected to our souls.

The book contains several wonderful, deep and interestingly touching stories. The story about Dragons and The Wise Women, which, once again, matches with what I internally know. It casted a bit more light on the whole ‘feeling’, and allowed me to trust my soul even more, now it’s been ‘approved’. I really don’t like my need to be externally approved, I hope to get rid of it pretty soon.

And the story points you to a beautiful place to visit – the Detmold stones!

Later, the talk continues in the direction of the Nature Magic, the importance of the Chaotic Matriarchate society system, and how we need fulfilled and confident men and women (and other beings), trusting in their intuition.

The book says:
“…the rule of women was important, so the gentler spiritual aspects were growing. Not only in women, as every man has his hidden, feminine aspect that needs the care and attention. Everything in the Universe flows, in the movement…”

In more-less each chapter, there is at least one rite for you to perform on a regular basis, to act as a catalyst to your inner growth. Some are for sole mages, some for groups with lovely chants and some can be performed both ways.


The book ENCOURAGES you to adjust each ritual to what flows with your soul, and is in resonance with you and your way of life.

This is the exact reason I averted from buying the Rituals of White Magic. I do things my way. I gain a ton of knowledge, sort out the stuff that’s not true for me and work with what’s left. Easy and pleasant.

And only way to make it deeply work on a 100%.

‘Cause I believe, that you should adjust the rituals and performs, or chants, to your soul. Not vice versa.

You soul must return to the original shape, before all the mauling of the present life ever happened.

To regain its true power.

Your power.

And hiding what’s truly YOU because some book says so?

The authors share what works best for them, and, same as I do, for them it’s an “of course” thing you will adjust and trim the thing to suit your own values and liking.

Arcane arts have nothing in common with assembling a desk from IKEA. There are basic guidelines, but the rest is up to you. There are no exact, quoted ‘steps’ for you (or anyone) to follow.

Nor should be.

Hone your uniqueness and the light of your heart blazing flame.


“Always follow your inner voice, your intuition. Acknowledge, that the spiritual work, even though its serious character, exists mainly to bring you happiness and fun.”


I’m all agains the long-faces and dramatic robes and “you can’t smile during egg-yolk chakra cleansing”

You CAN smile. It’s great.

How else do you expect to attract positivity and goodness? By being gloomy and trying to appear mysterious and dramatic?

How misunderstood!

The book also talks a bit about history, nature spirits and such.

But, the thing I’m going to use in a large scale (as soon as we’ve bought the forest land plot for the main home) is:

Creating the ‘faucet’ of positive energy.

These may occur naturally, or you may help create them. By the help of sacred shapes, visualisations and chants.

This means enriching my primary plan – a giant crystal grid under ground – more than a few steps further.


I though also about creating a separated pavillion with its own grid and system, for in-person consultations or direct healing.

Another wonderfully interesting, although a bit widely-known part are The Dragon Lines.
A.K.A. the Earth’s meridians, energy nodes etc.

Massively interesting, and definitely noteworthy. The chapter continues with exploration of various energy nodes, which are currently occupied with plazas for public speech, huge temples or healing sites.

The book also describes several symbols and their effects, but I recommend Allat-Ra for more in-depth symbol descriptions and their interpretation. Or, for something more intermediate, the books about amulet creations and symbols themselves.

Further along, there are basic amulets and their enchantment for domestic protection, including various plants with their effects on their surroundings, their magical properties and myths woven around them, e.g. black elder, mistletoe.

Next in the queue –


I have never indulged in these arts per se, even though I was into herbalism for 2 years in crafting my own tea mixtures, tinctures and ointments.

I hope to continue this hobby of mine thanks to the garden in the future.

I don’t like sage.No one tells you it transforms into a BUSH full of 20 species of spiders. Spiders usually consume each other, but the sage is like a settlement, a base for their sneaky escapades. I still get squeamish about the creepy crawlies

Interesting (and part of a reason I bought this book) is an elixir for easing the depression and anxiety. Haven’t tested it out yet, I haven’t got the herbs needed.

The book ends with an exclusive transcription of a Peace Prophecy of Hopi tribe, including various possible endings of our era.


It’s definitely a wonderful piece, though when the title says ‘white magic’, you expect much more info about the actual main subject. E.g. channeling the all-around life energy into an animal to help them internally develop or heal, chants and energy works to get your plants healthy and growing abundantly, or how to communicate with animals in a basic way. Which, YES, can be done via energy fine-tuning and training. They don’t reply with words, nor you should ask with words. It’s the essence of the thought, the thought when you remove the words. That’s what you’re sending, and that’s what you’re getting.
Which is not even covered in this book.

Otherwise, there was plenty of info, most of it was an approval of what I feel internally for a long while, so that seemed nice. I would love to see more plants and trees covered in this (hand)book – I was really hoping to read a bit about Ashtrees, as they’re connected with my celtic sign (ashtree – seahorse). There are very few plants covered.

And something more about being in tune with the natural cycles, which was basically NOT covered in the book about natural magic.

I did get a nice portion of knowledge out of this book, so unlike many books of the self-help genre, it’s seriously worth it. Unfortunately, the shards of the whole knowledge are scattered all around various books – and I hope to find all of them.

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