What is the All-Embracing Love

Love everyone, they said.
Life is cool that way, they said.

Did they say anything more? Like, to what extent, or what to do with those who are only willing to do harm and no good?

Maybe yes, something vague, to not upset anyone. It’s easy to say “Ayayay Love n’ Light” all around, throw it in the face of strangers. Living in a bubble. Almost cling desperately to the posters about positive thinking and whatnot.
However. What’s difficult for humans, is not to love everyone.
It’s difficult to love certain people. People we know, people we have experience with, maybe the people who’ve hurt us.

So, you ask:

What is the All-Embracing Love?

It certainly does not mean loving everyone the same way. Love to a stranger is incomparable with a love for a lifelong friend, who’ve been with you through the worst and supports you all the way up.

Loving others means we don’t hate them.
Loving others means, we don’t judge and criticise their acts,
or to be angry or hold grudges towards them.
If they ask us for help, we help within out possibilities.
We learn to forgive, so we can be forgiven.
We respect their decisions and viewpoints.
(Respect doesn’t mean to change ours after theirs. Respect is the acceptance of difference or disagreement upon something, which is completely normal and healthy. )
This is the love of all, the vast feeling of pleasantness.

Tougher to attain? Maybe.
You’re just a decision away 🙂

Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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