The IMPORTANCE of Having a Vision – Kickstart the Change of Your Life (Part 3)

Third (and a final) part of this series is – your vision for the future!
Cuz’ hey… How’d you know where to go if you wouldn’t even have an ideal outcome to set your Soul GPS on? Eh?

Your vision is a vastly important part, believe it or not!

If you got none, you end up kinda waddling around, not sure what to poke. Similar to a compass – if you don’t know where are you heading and you just hope you’re getting somewhere nice… Slim chance it’ll work. Mostly you end up walking in HUGE circles. Just watch some wilderness survival documentary, it works like that.

Or you have to climb tall trees – and here I am, here an there as usual! 😀 It’s fine, though.

(Oh god, someone came into my apartment I freaked out so much!!)

Where have I been? Yea…

How to create YOUR Vision?

First and foremost – your vision doesn’t have to match anyone’s opinions or expectations. Do they pay you to restrict yourself from happiness? Do they pay enough??? What is the cost they’d have to pay for you giving up on all your goals and dreams for yourself? Do you still THINK they pay enough???

Well, here you go, sweetheart ♥ It’s going to be okay. It’s up to you, though!
You’re going to make it.
I know you will 😉

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Actual creation

I feel like this one is a bit tricky to explain, hmm…
Let’s say-

You have that weird time of your life again,
when something is not especially wrong, but also not especially right.
You have trained yourself to not expect much,
maybe people around you had this influence and forced it upon you.
You want some change…
And THIS time –
Not just a different blouse!

Yay! Congrats!

I have to warn you though – no new addiction. Plebians tend to consider starting an alcoholics ”career” a positive life change. Not quite chivalrous, elegant or useful for them. Or to you.

a vision is needed to define your more short-term goals. So you know where you want to end up.

For a certain car, to create a simple example:
You need a garage, enough funds, driver’s license, check the best deals, decide if you want it new or second-hand…

I believe you already see where I’m pointing towards.

Vision can be something so big you can not accomplish it in one year. It may be more of a long run. Actually, the time does NOT matter THAT much.
It will pass no matter what!

Either you will restrict yourself for the rest of the eternity – time will pass and you will probably feel terrible.


The same amount of time will pass anyway. Although, stop and listen
to the faint hope, to the remains of your desires-
to accomplish.
Accomplish what? I thought I got used to the restraint.
Lovely. Your true core will never crumble.
Layers on the surface, sure, are easier to just give up (so to say.)
Your core, dreams, desires of your very soul
Desires of your true Soul and of your youthful, everlasting Heart.
They are still with you.
Will always be,
and always were.


So, my lovely eternal being-
What do you dream of? Any desires? Suppressed goals? Wishes?
Write them down.
Now, let’s get to thinking!
What is the kind of future (/present) is needed to have all those accomplished harmoniously?
And to feel happiness and the TRUE joy!


Throw the gruel you’ve been fed by the social media or a TV from the window! Your neighbours may like it.
But WHY should YOU???
No reason, right?
And do not worry about socialization – it’s not that big of a deal either.

By the way, I wanted to start this blog for approx. 3 years. But yay, restraints and all of this I’m mentioning 🙂
It took me some time to do what I truly want, hasn’t it?

I know you’ll act ASAP. Do not consider the 3 year waiting period as an option, haha!


What now?

You already know you may.
You have always KNEW YOU CAN.
You now have the vision, and maybe also some additional details to set your path straight!

Look what an achiever you are! Amazing, I’m truly happy for you!

The rest is,


Nothing will come just because of visualization sessions, affirmations, and XY helpful activities if you don’t even lift your derriere. And get rid of what is tearing you down.

It makes a lot of sense!


Well, dearie, I wish you good luck, and may you meet only positivity on your journey. I’m not able to tell you more steps, as everyone has different goals, social reality, mental and physical shape, and plenty of other variables.
From here now on, it’s up to your decisions and actions.

Sending you some positive energy to get you started! ♥

Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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