The Exact Tactics I Used to Drive Away FEAR and DOUBT (Bonus)

Hi everyone!

So, here’s the article about additional fear-repelling (so to say) actions to take, like I mentioned in the previous article!
I’m really sorry, if it’s going to be chaotic or not easy to read – I’ve been at a health emergency since 2 am to 4 am with a barely mobile partner and a bunch of mildly threatening people sitting all around, so I’m quite exhausted. And yes, I couldn’t fell asleep ever since. Nah.
But hey, all is quite well and I have a teensy bit of time right now, so let’s get to it!

Stop and ask

-Is it truly real?
-What supports the claim?
-What do I see?
-What is it I sense in the space around me?

You can ask it out loud, it might have a better effect.

For me, it works only when I use my voice.

After the fear-talk interruption, make use of the little pause and start naming pretty or positive things around you, nice gifts you’ve gotten, happy memories tied to items (you shouldn’t own anything that has a painful memory tied to it). Start with things close by. As soon as you get the grip of the situation, think of pretty things outside your sight.
Think of as many as you feel you need!

Have a clear vision, notice and feel it inside. As much as it’s possible to you! As always, never beat yourself for not being able to withstand the impact of fear, especially if you’ve just started.

This one may take a bit of practice until you succeed. However, the progress is very fast and by the time the fear shifts into some annoying, dumb babbling.
And then it starts to vanish!

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BONUS: (you’re here)

Take it as a challenge!
Or a bet.

Simply, treat it as a situation, when some plebian gibbers at you, saying, you can’t do this or that, challenging he can do it better. Or a said bet for an amount of money you really decline to lose.
This works for a certain kind of people, I’m not one of them. But I’ve seen it work, and hey, it can be powerful!

This triggers a stance of pride and action, or a bravery and resourcefulness – depending on the chosen approach. It’s a really powerful tool to use, but I recommend using it as a fast n’ strong solution – nothing to be used every time.
You can make use of the gap created by the sudden change of your feelings and the mindset about the subject. Take action. During the gap – do it!
Don’t do it to show the fear, do it to show yourself. Distance your beingness from the proving something to anyone else but you.

Just take a walk

Curiously simple and effective. You change your surroundings, your body moves, you can watch birds, or bring your book on a bench on a park. Move however you feel like it – but or the enjoyment of your movement capabilities – no running away from fear, dearie! No-o! You’re on a nice stroll, remember!

Make fun of it

This is not the most polite action to take, but it doesn’t seem the fear itself cares about the politeness of its actions.

Give a face and a body to your fear. Or don’t, whichever works for you. Nothing ofensive, even though you may feel it’s a 20 feet tall giant in a black plate armor, it’s never the truth. More like an oversized, angry, bitter bean with a cheap wig and furrowed brows.
And then, whenever the annoying talk starts, interrupt and offend the fear itself.

I decline to use any foul language. Instead, I just announce to the fear:
”You’re ugly, dumb and you stink worse than my ex-roommate. Your soles have managed to combine the cracks of a dried plain with moldiness of a leftover school lunch during the summer break. Your breasts are so saggy, you fly far to the sky whenever the wind blows.”
Or something alike, for all I care you can yell at it YO MAMA SO FAT, if it works. Being creative about it helps to refocus your brain, and you can have fun after a short while. Move however you feel like it, do not restrict yourself.
Halt when you feel you’re alright again.


Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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