The Downfall of Tarot Cards

Hey everyone!

I just thought I could share my feelings and what I’ve noticed happening over the course of the recent 5-6 years. It’s going to be a bit ranty, as I’m quite sassy about magic and knowledge. It makes my heart on fire knowing, people think there’s only the Divination aspect to it.

Which is the most useless one, if you think about it. Especially the most popular ones (like Tarot is), shows you ONE version of future, which may or may not happen. If you take steps towards it – yes, it means it’s possible to reach that outcome. And we already know of our present, ‘cuz yeah, we live in it NOW.

But with the vast number of decisions we make in day-to-day life – which future timeline it refers to?

Monthly and weekly energy forecasts used to be my thing. HOWEVER – If you check any 5 people doing said forecasts, all are different for the very same day / month.
Which can seem kind of peculiar to the usual person…

The answer is simple– the cards (as does any such tool) feel the hopes and dreams, fears and moods of the person who works with them. That’s why it’s important to never lend your cards to another person, kids. Like a toothbrush, or an amulet. Therefore, all such readings (who should result in the very same set of resulting cards), are highly susceptible to any feelings of the fortune teller.

Therefore, are not that accurate and its still better to just check any fussy planetary constellations, and go on with your days however you please.

Oh, and a great add-on to your deck –

Using Tarot? Add a Pendulum to the Team!

Pendulum is SOO PRACTICAL and wonderful team member! I won’t be talking about it a lot, it’s a cool device. Needs straight yes/no questions, open mind (so you won’t accidentally change the answers), and a steady hand. The latter is something I never had or cared to have 😀

In a short example, what it helps you with:

  • CARDS SHOWING ILLNESS – Use the pendulum to reveal, which places are the core of the present / future issues.
  • CARDS SHOWING MONEY-RELATED STUFF – You can ask about the approximate sum and many other things!

Most versatile one is a brass pendulum, or the clear quartzone.

So Malgery, where is the Issue??

The issue is with the mindset and behavior of many… card readers.

As I mentioned above, several years ago I noticed unpleasant changes, who has been getting more and more out of control.

In short –

15-year-old person may give you a good reading. However, tarot is NOT ONLY about reading from the booklet. It combines meanings, connection, and intuition. And as we know, knowledge isn’t yet considered ‘cool’, ‘lit’ or whatever word is currently meaning the very same thing. Or is it finally?

And a 9-year-old working with such tools, BECAUSE IT HAS SEEN ON PINTEREST AND IT is TRENDY?!

Dude I want to cry. This. is. so. sad. Cards are a tool, like a drill or a stovetop. Except, their nature is a little more changing and evasive at times. Which is WHY it requires more knowledge and preparation.So, give your kids proper access to books and knowledge, so they can do what they’re interested in safety and efficiency.
You wouldn’t give your child a drill without any instructions, would you.

Another part is the respect for your deck, and a proper care. Those are not pieces of toilet paper, and people keep forgetting about it. Which presumably has a connection with it being very trendy. Same as crop tops with waist-baring jeans: No one checks the health risks of wearing them in cold weather.

I know this article won’t be any popular. As hey, who in this century wants to know, that they still have something to learn.Which is in fact a great news, but for some reason, people assign such facts as negative(???). Sigh, society, please.

From my own scholarly and experimenting experience, the most accurate, interesting and helpful divination method is the


Lithomancy is an ancient art of divination which uses stones, to whom the fortune teller assigns certain meanings and features. The stones are picked based off of feeling, intuition. Pebbles or gemstones, results are the same.

Most often, we use stones representing the Universe, Communication, Love, Sun, Growth and many others.

Answers come in form of a resulting image – ‘constellation’ of stones, combined with their meaning and placement. Usually, the stones take shapes of animals in various poses and expressions, which further indicates the situation of the person (to whom the reading is being done to.)

It gives you a lot of personalised insight into the current events, and which parts of your life are the keys to progress.

I won’t be going in more detail, this is not a book about lithomancy 😀   I share so much, as I know it’s not a known method.

Anyways, then there’s one more. Which is far, far more time-consuming, and still has its variables and fluctuations.

Readings based off of personal and current astrology

How this has fluctuations, you ask?

We suck in the energy and traits of people around us, go through countless experiences, which further shapes us, our decision-making, tastes… You catch my drift. It’s still a good one. Even though, it might be sufficient to know your full birth astrology (lengthy .pdf incoming), so you know about your weaknesses and hidden traits. Which allows you to react and adjust better to any incoming situations and challenges.

A bit of self-responsibility, eh? Shifting blame to planets or a card results is very immature, PLUS you subconsciously strip yourself from the ability to have control over your life. Quite unpleasant.

Which method is the hardest to master?

Definitely a Crystal Ball.It’s a fussy pussy.*

“Hm, you desperately need answers? Here, have a headache.”

“I’m going to show you only a thick fogfor the lulz.”

“The color of my suede cover is awful. I’m not gonna talk to you for a week.”

*I talked about this with an experienced user. These are purely her experiences and insight she provided me, as she works with her crystal orb for about 4 years now. It’s still not perfect at times, and heck she is a regular to divination and reiki. I accidentally discovered her magnetism when I was 4 years old 😀

So well, this was my lengthy and share-y post. Anytime I need to reply to such stuff, I can just copypaste! Convenience level 200.

My bird is preening on my head, so this will be all 🙂

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