Hi, lovely!

I’m Malgery Aldaine, the founder, artist and author behind the www.malgeryaldaine.com website and the group Seraph Hearts.

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon me on Facebook, where I often post precious content into groups, or via sites I write for.
I use knowledge both from personal coaching disciplines, as well as the one I gained from combining and testing various spiritual sources and approaches. As a good leader does, I experiment first on myself.

Oh, and meet my daughter Maru! She’s absolutely gorgeous, except for when she poops on my fluffy sweater. You can see her on some livestreams and videos.


Ever since I started making progress on my spiritual and personal development, I noticed a critical lack of useful info for us achievers. For us, who don’t just care about conspirations, 1000x regurgitated Law-of-Attraction, chakras and other well-known beginner stuff. Because, there’s rarely anything else available. Nothing valuable for someone like you… for someone like me.
Therefore, this website had to be born. A place filled with resources for people who are willing to step up, advance further. In their heart, mind and soul.

I create for those, who are ambitious about their spirituality, willing to commit, and refusing to be stopped by other people.
You are driven for such progress, sweetheart.
You are willing to gain control over yourself, in order to regain control.
Create your own kind of happiness, contentment.

Bathing in knowledge and confidence.

You know of your potential. That there’s SO MUCH MORE beyond basic meditation or preaching sugarcoated drivel.

You’ve been patient. You’ve helped many. You’ve waited and postponed your life and growth to the point you can feel yourself withering –
Now it’s time for YOUR rise.

You’re brave enough to find your own way. Be who no one else can be.




After I spent months and years guiding the wrong people – you know, those who are only talk and no action – I’ve grown wary of how difficult it is to find wonderful, likeminded individuals. That’s why I quit lifestyle coaching.

Those 100%-talk people, you know the deal with them. You give them tools, all they should know, experience, even free books, but.
Nothing ever comes to be.

Not because you weren’t helping enough. Because they THEMSELVES denied any progress, only looking for ways to complain more and more.

Rarely giving back.


Malgeryaldaine.com is for those like you and I. An harbour for all us awesome soul-shifters and limit-breakers, where we learn, share and flourish.

So, lovely, a little favor to ask of you-
Be wonderfully unique and amazingly powerful exactly as you KNOW you’re MEANT TO BE. Become free of opinions and “what ifs” of others, let your hopes and dreams turn into something wonderful… Something REAL.

FIRST STEP: Sign into our free 4-week course about returning into your power, and how to gain your Soul Freedomunlocking rapid inner growth.
There are 4 lectures with exercises and many bonuses to get you through each week, giving you as much time for truly deep dive within. Bonuses include wallpapers and guided meditation – so give it a go!

SECOND STEP: Browse some of my best articles; Cleansing our RelationshipsHow to Forgive EFFECTIVELY, and many more! There’s a new article coming at least once a week, so better be prepared for some worthwhile binge reading!


Be well, and always

Flow Freely ♥

–  Malgery