Spiritual Aspect of SILENCE

Silence. What a rarely discussed word.
We may only be thinking, hey, it’s just a void of any conversation. Absence of comunication.
Not quite.

You see, with any kind of silence, we still communicate on an energetical level. And we communicate A LOT via this channel.
Imagine a situation:
Two people are selling the same thing, with the exact phrases, intonations… But you CAN SENSE, that something is quite OFF with the other seller. The energy.


People have already come to terms with enchantments, magic, manifestation and whatnot. But silence? Man, such a necessary topic to talk about!

In silence, we may become a fountain of energy.I sometimes train this in a public transport vehicles. I enjoy being an entrance for pure positive energy into this material plane. It’s soo pleasant and cleansing!
I got a bit away from the topic, sorry 🙂

To keep this short, let me explain two basic types of silence;

Burdening Silence

Silent of shame. Silent of refusing to say bad stuff, making it scorch our energy canvas from within. Silence of giving up on an argument, silence of a tantrum. Silence of judgment and guilt.
The disgusting feeling in your mouth, belly and throat?

Accumulation of negativity, growing more and more stale and putrid, can be felt not only within us.This shiz radiates, and like a mist, spreads throughout the room and throughout the energy fields of people around you. That’s partially why if you feel terrible, your closest friends and family may become negative for no particular reason. It’s the taint of negativity.

Such clouds of negativity can be felt not only by sensitives, but also by ‘human logs’, who can’t even feel a pinch. As a sensitive person, this is something that makes me physically sick. Seriously. I want to throw up, feel all icky and stuff.

Example: Several months ago, me and my mom decided to hang out for a few hours. I felt terrible the whole time, but didn’t want to bring it up. Even if nothing was apparently wrong, I felt horrible and unwanted, despised. Had no idea why. Then I told my mom how I feel and how I felt ever since we met on that day. She, surprised, told me about her last week’s trouble and some worries.
We agreed, that in order to prevent this, we will never ever meet if both sides don’t 100% feel like it 🙂
Ever since, our hangouts are incredibly wholesome and fun!

This is a great situation, as we are both being open and found a way to work with it and to PREVENT it.
Because, if you keep being the source of such energies, people will feel troubled and bad with you. They try to leave. They leave. And you, alone, start to drown in loneliness.
Which adds another troublesome worry, and the cycle begins again. Intense, more and more. If you keep this up for long enough, you might forget how did this even start!
Be careful and love yourself. 

Pro Tip:If you feel resentment and judgment towards someone, and it troubles your mind 24/7, there’s a possible solution! Acknowledge the mistake of both sides, and forgive both yourself and the said person. Use this meditationto begin clearing the connections between you and people in your life.

Uplifting Silence

It’s a silence of contentment and tranquility. Pristine.
In a way, it’s both meditation, and a prayer.Attracting wellbeing – sure, yes, how else. But, what else?
With such a pure, pristine silence, we grow closer and closer to our Highest Self. Allowing us attract better things, faster. Another cycle, did you notice? 🙂

In this silence, you do not dwell or create negative thoughts, patterns, or destruction of your body.
Your breath is your clock, you’re connected to the Love of the Universe, so refreshing and energising. Inspires you to feel, do and BE more and more good.

Such state is also proven to contribute to faster healing and regeneration of the organism as well! 

Your closest ones, and the strangers both, feel great with you. They enjoy basking in the radiation of your soul.

Be well 🙂


Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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