Seven Kinds of Forgiveness

Hey lovelies!

Finally I woke up from my lore-watching ‘slumber’, ready to share some insights and interesting finds!

You sure know about the basic forgiveness stuff. Like, let’s say your neighbour steps on your foot, you go “owch”, they say “sorry”, and you say “no problem.” Bam, they’re forgiven. Hopefully!

If we do not forgive FOR REAL, the residual emotion ‘thickens’ and nests inside specific organ or body part, or manifests itself as a persistent feeling of… something.That’s the forgiveness for the outer world – people and events.


But, what about our inner world?Anyone carries some unsolved biznizz with themselves – regrets, self-blame, deprivement, you name it. In many cases, we become so connected with the residues, that we no longer distinguish them from our pure ethereal bodies.

Be it what it is, here are seven basic areas of self-forgiveness, in which you can do little steps even today!


Being devoured by the feelings of guilt had never helped anyone. Did you kick a cat 15 years ago? Can you change it now? Does it matter now?
We need to accept our shadows, past and all the mistakes, as none of them can be undone. The best for our future progress is to simply accept them and embrace them, and that way, heal them with love.

The painful clenched feeling of guilt dissolves into nothingness, as your path to higher realms opens a little wider.


We all are guilty of this. It’s the icky part of daft, reactive human nature, although it can be completely removed by training. Which is easier than it sounds, really.
Important and not even apparent is, we need to forgive OURSELVES for doing so out of mental ‘habit’. It’s not what we really want. It’s the little steps that matter, canceling the train of thought enough times it stops forever.

None of us has the key and detailed solution to everything. Forgive yourself for all the judging you did, willing or unwilling. May the troubling burden leave you, so you may stay pure and light-hearted.

Aggression and Rage

Aftermath of such feelings IS most often either guilt or judgment. How annoying, isn’t it? Practice the forgiveness for whenever these emotions rise. Remind yourself, that it’s okay to feel them. Remind yourself, that you can express them safely. Remind yourself, that you have the right to feel any emotion.
Staying bitter and choking any emotion within is going to only hurt you, and by the time, those who are the dearest to you. Close friends, pets, family, spouse – they will feel your suffering and become troubled and uneasy, even subconsciously. If not for yourself, do it for them 🙂


Embrace the first gentle waves of incoming emotion, and either instantly embrace them and dissolve with the feelings of Love, or use the technique I describe in THIS article. Or improvise and make your own thing!


For pent up large anger, outrage and bitterness, it’s THE BEST to use ART. Play the instrument to give life to the emotion, paint or draw, allow it to be expressed. While I was with my family and struggling with bitterness, anger, and despair, I had one drawing/painting, of a scaleless roaring dragon.
I’ve been ONLY working on the drawing when I felt these emotions, therefore pouring them into the paper, into the art.

This does multiple things.

  1. Fully expresses the emotion in complete safety.
  2. Makes you calm and focused.
  3. REWIRES YOUR BRAIN, so you’re more likely to be focused and calm INSTEAD of being angry!

This is the best thing <3


Messing with the Ways of Others

I am especially this, as whenever I see someone having some issue or whatever, I instantly see at least 5 solutions. It often annoys me to the heavens and back, that someone is unwilling to do 20 seconds of thinking, and instead, they only complain and play the victim! Such a waste of time and mental capabilities!

And I need to forgive myself as well 🙂 I do my best to stop this mental train, however when I have the solution I HAVE IT. The problem is, even if I told them, their lazy asses just wouldn’t care. “Uuh, that’s 4 seconds of activity.”
See? Again 😀

It’s nothing we can change, so it’s best to never care. Some are better at it than others, which is, admittedly, wonderful!
Simply, don’t take their chosen journey. The decision is only theirs to make.Force won’t help, and serving them all 53 solutions on a golden platter won’t help either.


There are two kinds of, or, better say, varieties of pride. There are confidence and self-belief, and then pride.
Pride is something connected with our own insecurities, and the aggressive, forceful attempts to defend them. Or, to hide them completely.

Look, I had no idea how to tie my shoes until I was eleven. I wore those velcro-fasting shoes and was more than comfortable.
I could be connecting it with, I don’t know, “using my brain for greater things,” but the only fact is, I didn’t care. Be it normal or not.

What else the pride may be projecting is our shadow side or bad things we did in the past. Be forgiven, my dear.
After forgiving yourself and letting go of the whole pride thingy, you find the vast field of possibilities.
Possibilities of humility, curiosity, and playfulness.


Can’t change it, can’t prove it. What did happen did happen, and it’s our highest priority to move on.The sooner the better, as this places a burden on our heart and mind. More in this article: CLICK


Desires, ‘longing’

Oh, isn’t it so human, so normal? Shifting the desires, even if over-the-top, with (e.g.) “ooh, some people are worse than that.”

Most of our desires are just consuming us.Our focus, our emotion, our days, our lives. Never appreciating what we have, never considering what can we do in present. Always something another, maybe more, maybe different.

Hasn’t it been taking long enough, the unending inner strife and unrest? Eternally chasing something, while never taking a moment to look around you, to appreciate, think, and just enjoy?
Everything you have, you have attracted into your life. Appreciate, get to know it and enjoy it.

Again, my favorite quote:

“The curse of Life is the curse of Want.”

However, we all have the choice. Every second is a new beginning.

May you gain clarity on your life path.

Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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