Our Relationship with the Highest Power

As humans, our cultures incline to worship something. Several messengers who came in the past, preaching beauty, gentleness, kindness, and self-discipline, were accepted long past their time, with their words often mangled and twisted to suit the needs of hierarchy and power.
Which alone denies any connection with their original message at all.

All dogmas and random names and stuff aside –
there IS something. There are powers, laws that work constantly and mercilessly.
We ourselves control what we choose.

Whatever the Highest Power is, the relationship, or more like, CONNECTION, is here.

(call it however you want, I call it Universe… So please, let me use that term for this article 🙂 Thanks, dear!)

The relationship of all spiritual facets and elements within us towards the Universe, the power of creation and perseverance, should be the closest. Permanent and stable connection with this primal source of all power, order, and love, allows us to stay in a good relationship with ourselves, and therefore, with every living being and the Universe itself.

Peaceful and dazzling energy fills the whole space, entering every place that allows it to enter.
Is your heart such a place?

Spirit and Connection

Each and every soul desires and longs to be in close touch with this ever-loving power. This desire of closeness is its main and basic feature – a feature that is ought to keep us kind, compassionate and loving.

However, cloaked in a full-on material body, our souls may get confused and separated. It feels like it’s a prisoner, buried alive, able to sense the air and light above – and unable to reach it.
That is when long-term sorrows and fears come in. It’s a constant subtle pressure, that brings such results and inner states.

As diseases come, disappointments, loss of loved ones, the “wall” of the material body can either harden or disintegrate. The choice is ultimately ours.

If we allow ourselves to become a little more connected, a little more open, our souls may start working as intended. In freedom, compassion, and love.
No longer shackled by primal urges of the material body, we fly free, open, connected.

The whole spiritual development, along with many rough tests we’ve been through in our lives, is here to allow our inner wall to crumble.
To give us another chance.
If we decline so hard to open up and become gentle, vulnerable,
as such is the nature of us.

No wonder everyone enjoys being treated kindly. It’s natural.

Final Decision

In the end,
Whether you choose to separate, to connect partially OR to connect FULLY, shining with the light,
you’re the only one responsible for that choice.

I would recommend the full connection.
It takes a bit more work, but pays off much better in the end, while you gain everything that is to serve you good. In a kind way.

Other Words

Many people attempted to reach everlasting life, freedom of bounds such as hunger, or the power and influence. Majority of them somehow overlooked the simple fact, that if they were to open up, it would go much easier and better. Not even mentioning the karmic footprint of the dark arts and their ‘relatives’!
Steering away from the topic, am I 🙂

As if you aren’t already used to it 😀
Love ya.


Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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