Love as a Motivation for Non-Materialists

There’s usually a simple guide for motivation.
You want something, you go get that ‘something’ you speak of.

But if you don’t care about material possessions and even less about the numbers and charts, what then?

Yes, sure, person doesn’t need motivation to do the work and change their life. But it’s nice to have that inner drive, that gives you the momentum and forces you forward. Definitely better than doins soulless work just because you’re apparently “supposed to.” What a joke.

Well, besides forcing ourselves, what are the options?

I don’t know of all of them, of course not. Life is a journey and this is but a page of the document.
What I didn’t expect, and yet it appeared into my life, the motivation I always needed but never looked that direction –


Now, that can mean love to yourself. That you care, and want to have the capabilities and possibilities to do something. To feel relaxed and joyful. Enjoy your day.

It might be love for your close ones, who you’d like to support and be a better part of their life. Might be your goal too.

What has changed the game for me was… getting a crush. It wasn’t nearly intentional, kind of everything good what happened over the past few months were neither planned nor intentional. It just tutned out.
And oh it feels to good.
Now, fortunately this crush is someone who I really know, and it gives me motivation to work on myself and my possibilities more. Because what’s more of a challenge than doing such a reckless move. Before doing any reckless move however, I need to have my goal reached. And then, however reckless this turns out to be, I’ll be alright and safe.

Who knows, maybe I’ll learn to fully trust again. Only time will show.

The important thing what I wanted to share is, that if you happen to need motivation to get yourself moving in SOME direction at all, whether it is in are of health, business, or overall life, there might be some unexpected corner you didn’t explore while looking for it.

If you have no drive and can’t find anything to push you, try love.

Even if you are a hermit and know no one, and girl, know I’m close to you if that’s you (one friend and one crush lol) and this turned out to be working MAGICALLY.
I feel better, work more, do more things and actually enjoy and look forward to my day. You imagine how rare it is for most people, to just wake up and be like “Yay, wonderful day, let’s do random stuff I need to do.”

Top tier life motivation.

– Love for yourself
– Love for others
– Care for yourself
– Care for others

Think about a part of yourself you can love, and what possibilities does that unlock for you.

Be well,
and always flow freely.
– Malgery Aldaine

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