Laws of the Universe (Part 1)

Heey lovelies, good morning to you!

I woke up about 30mins ago, and wanted to start writing. You know, I haven’t done so for… a week? Two?
I’ve had a tougher time, being rendered unable to write, paint, anything. Well, now I at least can write, so let’s get to some sweet sweet article!
Sigh, this feels so calming and familiar… Thank you.

The subject I’m about to write about is pretty elementary and useful at the same time.

Laws of the Universe

Besides physical laws of gravity, action-reaction and many more, there are laws of… energy, you could say. How it behaves, hinting what WE are capable of.
For example, you can use the Polarity Principle to change your emotions at any time and state – as all emotions have the opposite one directly and effortlessly linked to them.
Mostly it’s enough to visualise a system of levers or those dragging range-things between two variations of feelings.
For it to work, it’s important to know these duos, so you can give correct orders to your system. How wonderful!

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller for ...

(dragging knobs like this, i’ve got no idea how they’re called)

I will talk about just a few, we can do it as a series, after all 🙂

Some of these can be used as tools to make our progress easier, others may be just a piece of knowledge, which will allow further understanding of people and events.

Since I already mentioned the Law of Polarity, we might as well jump into it!

Law of Polarity

As I mentioned, this law can be used for immediate changing of emotions. As they are deeply bound in pairs, we can drag the control ‘knob’ to the lower, neutral or opposite spot. 
This is purely an intuitive work and process. Don’t worry, you’ll KNOW which knobs to move, as it is often needed to move more than one in order to reach your desired state.
One way or another, it takes up about a minute to do so.
Neat, huh?

Let’s get to the more definition-y part of this law;
All states have a connected polarity, and there’s a range between them as well. They’re just varied intensities of… something.
Small and large.
Happiness and sadness.
Apathy and curiosity.

Each of polarities has a right to exist, and is exactly as valid as its opposite. Sadness is just as good as joy. If you prefer any of them, just drag the knob where you want it to be.

Focus on your current feeling, the one you don’t want to experience.
Explore, how it feels, what ‘texture’ it has, all the details.
Now, imagine the controls.
Imagine, what’s your desired state? What’s it?
Follow your Soul and Heart in manipulating the controls. You may need to change more than one, it’s only natural.
And, well –
That’s all.

Enjoy the deep pleasantness of having a direct control!

Polarity can be perceived as a facet of the Law of Oneness, as it further explains how everything is deeply connected, and easily changed at the same time.
Training makes it easier to focus and easier to follow your inner guidance.

Law of Rhythm

As everything flows, it changes. Some changes are repeated, creating rhythm. Inhale and exhale. You go up the mountain, you go down the mountain.
Like a pendulum, the momentum stays the same at both sides of the situation.

May be used as an extent to the Law of Polarity, since it allows you to calm down the continuous rhythm, creating blissful neutrality and the ocean of calm.
By leveraging such knowledge, one has a lot more control over their feelings and reactions, and therefore, their life itself.

The first step can be as simple as ACKNOWLEDGING THE FACT, that you DON’T HAVE TO react like it’s usual for others. If someone is rude to you, you don’t have to be rude back. You can not-care. Choices are yours ONLY, and even if the whole humanity would act like a pack of hungry monkeys, YOU DON’T HAVE TO. YOU CAN CHOOSE. ANYTIME.

So, be responsible for yourself. No one can get to you unless you allow it. So get our of your own way and step into your power.
I provide enough tools and guidance for you to know how.
And the rest?

Law of Gender

Male and female principle can be seen all throughout the land. Not even in the material world, but in the spiritual as well.
For now, refuse to care about the whole sexual thingy and listen for a while, okay?
It’s not about it. It never was.

By connecting such ever-present law to mindless copulation, the whole principle gets misunderstood, and turns into lust or other disgusting states, which have no place inside a conscious person. The intimate connection is about expressing closeness and deep trust in a loving and adorable manner. Not lust, not greed, not boredom.
A deep energetic connection, which can further be utilised for strengthening the bond between two loving people. And for much, much more.

It’s natural to want to do this with a person you love. After all, it’s in a human nature to want to feel whole and connected. This act can provide it. With a deep trust, affection and care.
Balancing and connecting.
Do you see the LARGE difference between lust-driven and soul-driven act?
I believe you now do.

Do not confuse it with tantric anything, that’s absolutely our of subject here. And no, it’s still more want-connected and supporting the lust and prehistoric pleasure feelings. The deep connection of two souls in material and spiritual is something spontaneous. They know what to do.

Such connection is purely about inner harmony and connecting to the other soul.

Of course, you still have a choice. Choice to either choose primal, worthless drive, which doesn’t support your soul growth AT ALL – OR, CHOOSE the experience of WHOLENESS, SOUL CONNECTION AND HARMONY. This way can bring you to the higher levels as well. Supported and loved.

Note, Such harmony doesn’t need any other person. The ultimate balance can be achieved on one’s own, as all of us have access to both sides within us. Feminine and masculine aspect and their power.
Simply, allow both aspects to have their time to shine.

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Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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