How to Keep HIGH-QUALITY Thoughts

Hey, lovelies!

I’m deeply sorry to be away from my messenger duties for a while. I needed to resolve deep conflict and doubt within myself. Which should be all okay for now.

Relating to today’s’ article;
is a thing I fought with for years. Not exactly head-on. Observing. Strategising.
One way or another, there are ways to keep your own head from disturbing your life. I bet you catch my drift, we’re all humans, after all 🙂

Separation of the ‘us’ and our thoughts is trained, especially by mindfulness meditation and similar practices. I love the observant walking. I might write about this in the future. However, I feel it’s been written about more than it’s needed. After all, there are tons of yoga/meditation blogs and sites.
While unfortunately, some provide the wrong approach.

Sigh, I’m not writing about mindfulness and meditations! I keep magpie-ing back and forth.

You know what? Let’s get to the meaty part, as I would probably ramble on and on…

What comes after mindfulness

If you’ve ever been consistent about mindfulness and/or concentration exercises (vital for mages, entrepreneurs and many more), you’ve noticed first-hand the number of passing thoughts in our heads. At last, with consistency, the amount decreased a little.
What can you do now?


Observe the quality of remaining thoughts. Notice, if the newly-bloomed thought produces positive, neutral or negative energy.
No matter if within you or not – after you’re full of emotion, it overflows your aura, affecting others around you.

Energetically dangerous, weakening and deforming traits are:
– hatred
– aggression
– pride
– jealousy
– greed
– misery
– disappointment
– worthlessness
– sheepishness*
– anxiety
– sorrow*

*is varied, and depends on the situation and many other factors. Still, be on a lookout and prevent it to your maximum comfort.

If we want to stay healthy, we need to watch the quality of our thoughts and feelings!

What to Do?

The issue often is, that we suppress such emotion. Forcing them to soak into our deeper layers, affecting us long-term.
There’s a better method.
I have a feeling it comes from yoga practices.
Never let the bud of the negative thought fully bloom, as it becomes unmanageable. Instead, prune the dangerous buds by creating positive, uplifting feelings and thoughts. It can be anything positive – sunshine, a squirrel you’ve seen yesterday, flickering reflections in the rain.

If they’re somehow related to the original, you’ll rewire your metal patterns in other areas as well.
That demands a bit more flexibility and creativity.

E.g.:I am worthless and disgusting. // —> // I’ve managed to wash dishes today, I do whatever is in my power. I am grateful for my arms, legs, eyes, and breath, for all my muscles and the ability to smile. I grow more and more capable.

The random-pretty-method example could be-
E.g.:No one likes me. // —> // Look at these pigeons! How cute they are, doing their woo-woo and preening their rich, fluffy plumage!

It’s easy.You only need to keep this possibility in mind. For all I care, have a sticky-note in your wallet, reminding you of this. This way, anytime you notice negativity trying to claw its way inside, you just look and bam – done!

Bonus Method

A quite peculiar one, indeed. I can’t use it as I am too sensitive to pain, but it works for many people.
Use your nail or a pen tip.
Whenever something negative appears within your head, prick yourself on the skin right before your thumbnail until it hurts. The pain from this reflects and connects with the inner pain, making it somehow disappear.
Release the pressure after the thought is completely away.
This is possible to repeat, as it’s completely safe with the right approach.

Where Should I Begin?

– Observe your mind, notice the number of thoughts (mindfulness exercises, concentration exercises)
– Learn to monitor your thought quality, so you’re not producing any negative thoughts and frameworks.
– After these two stages, is completely safe to dive into deep meditation.

I wish you happy and joyous experiences with testing and discovering your own inner world and your own possibilities!

Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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