How to Forgive EFFECTIVELY

Hi, lovely!

Everyone has already read something about the wonderful forgiveness and all that fun.Not sure about you, but I definitely don’t enjoy the authors, who only spread honey around your mouth and lull you with vague positive gibberish, without providing anything of value.
Anyways, the point here is different than some assemblage of pointless books. You know it’s one of the things that tilts me. Like, I could write motivational pr0nography, you could do so as well, and yay, everybody’s rich. Back to the forgiveness 😀

The ‘virtue-forgiveness-mercy-imthebestgurupayme’ concept is ok. However – if you’ve got someone who really crushed you, or hurt you many time in a ways you don’t even bother describing to anyone, afraid they would just call you a crybaby or pity-party – THAT kind of wound, girl, that’s on a whole another level for the generic 5-sentence article ‘advice’ to work.
Often times we may do our best to forgive, however, there’s still that strange, residual feeling… like a burden on our mind and stomach, weighing us down.

Forgiveness is for Both Sides

Yes, for them, sure. But also for YOU! Otherwise, you might face the regrets and troubling mind monologues about ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’, which do no good to ANYONE involved.
If you’ve hurt anyone, it’s been returned to you in the shape of negative mental (thought) / verbal backlash, and vice versa.
In these cases, we both did something bad. Both need to forgive, and both need to allow the full power of forgiveness to free us.

Hey, this might not be obvious, BUT:
If you’re someone who often talks about negative things happening in your life, mistreatment, and gossips, your brain WON’T LET GO of guilt and bad memories.

The brain sees that they’re important to you. You talk about them, spend energy on them.Time and time again, to various different people.

Before you head on to the heavy-caliber inner forgiveness technique below, you need to sort something out.

Writing prompts

So, grab a pen and paper, or your dictaphone and just write, or record aloud…
Don’t shorten your answers, don’t assume how it should look. Let them come out the way it wants to and needs to. <3 Okay?

– What troubles me?
– What do I have to gain from keeping that feeling/state active within me?
– Why can’t I let go?
– Does it take up any space in my conversations, mental monologue, day-to-day life?
– Why do I subconsciously refuse to let go? (e.g.: it gives me attention, it makes my life interesting for others, my friends also complain [change friends!]…)

– How do I need to feel in order to be free of it?
– Can I feel like that now? How?

– Knowing I have the freedom to feel however I wish to, and spend time however I want to – can I let go now? Am I willing to finally truly forgive, from the depths upwards?

DO IT. Take 5-15 minutes, drink your tea and write a bit.
Come on.
I mean it.

The Deep Forgiveness Meditation

Let’s assume you’ve done the exercise you needed to. Great job!

I bring you the translated version of the guided forgiveness meditation, Czech original is by Marie Blankytna. I edited it a little, as it had a lot of Christian imagery, which may not suit some people.
No rush, lovely. Take your time and care, you’re important!

1. Sitting with a straight spine, focus your attention into the heart chakra. Keep noticing your breath, until you feel calm.

2. Say (at least 3 times): “O, Highest Light, the ever-forgiving source of Love. Help awaken love, gentleness, compassion, and forgiveness within my heart. Allow me to be filled with your loving, pure energy.”

3. Shift your attention to the 7th Chakra, located on the top of the head.

4. Say (at least 3 times): “I open myself to the flowing stream of knowledge and consciousness. I accept the energy of Light, which helps me erase all energy blocks, created by a pent up need for forgiveness. I allow it to heal my body from the inside out.”

5. With a slow, deep inhale, draw in the light into the 6th Chakra, the third eye.

6. Say (3 times): “I illuminate my third eye, so I can see clearly with my inner sight. I can see everything that needs to be forgiven.”

7. With a slow, deep inhale, draw in the light into the 5th Chakra, the throat.

8. Say (3 times): “I illuminate my throat chakra, so I can find the right words to express my forgiveness.”

9. With a slow, deep inhale, draw in the light into the 4th Chakra, into your heart.

10. Say your words of forgiveness. Say them from your soul, say them from your heart.
“Example: I forgive myself for being dependent and sensitive to the point of feeling like a burden to my roommate. I forgive him the cruel form of verbal defense he used. I forgive both of us.”
Stay in your heart chakra for as long, until you see/feel some of these pleasant colors in your third eye: white, gold, yellow, pink, green.

11. Use your own words to say ‘Thank you.’ for the provided aid.

If you don’t know what needs to be forgiven:
In step 10 (words of forgiveness), say:
“I forgive my soul and the soul of the said person, for our soul relationships weren’t always aligned with the order of the Universe. Dear Higher Light, please help me dissolve the karmic bound between our souls. I set my soul free from the past, and am closing the door behind me. I forgive both of our souls.”
Once again, stay in your heart chakra for as long, until the said colors show up.

Listen to the Guided Meditation HERE:


Sometimes we need to repeat the meditation for a few days until the bound is completely dissolved. You’ll feel and notice when it does 🙂


I almost forgot!

If you feel tense around someone, be it a lesser or major issue (dizziness, stomach sickness, heartache, weak limbs…) It’s a sign of a need for personal forgiveness, even if you have no idea what’s up.
You forgive for You.Not for others.
Do the meditation above.

Here’s a pinnable+printable image of the meditation guidance😉 I’ve got you covered, love!

Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥


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