Ged Rid of Your Past – Kickstart the Change of Your Life (Part 1)

We all want the change. But, instead of looking at the ways to start in the present, we aimlessly look forward to some mythical and desired twist in our lives to make everything better, suddenly, like ‘PLOP’ and you live in a villa and ride a glittery white horse first thing in the morning, basking in the light and love of the sun, sipping virgin mojitos…

But guees whaaat?

This never happens unless you start to do something for it to do so.

Even a tiny little change
Each day, every day
Or once a week
Brings MANY benefits, experience and progress!
At least it’s SOME progress, compared to the daydreaming and binging your hours and days away. They can easily become months, we all know that. Too easily.

The change can be easily kickstarted with those three things. These are tiny first steps, sure, but important as well! If you won’t deal with those, you’ll fall on your face sooner or later – on your mind/heart/soul, as some negative pass-by-s come to say hello from time to time. When you’re unprepared, they may land a successful (and sometimes painful) blow.

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Which leads us to the first action-

No worries about the past! It’s already dead, like a dried fly on a windowsil

(We all know this about flies, they bump their head in the window until they stop and spin on their back, because back-street dance moves practice knows no time and place. And they ignore open windows EVERYWHERE ELSE.)
If you notice, there’s some surprising similarity with the repulsed, negative, traumatic or just purely annoying rubble our mind tend to show us.

Like, you’re having a good time, but HEY WHAT ABOUT THAT PERSON WHO STEPPED ON YOUR LEG AND YOUR NEW BOOK FELL ON THE GROUND. Just example, those tend to be much worse reminders from the long dead past. Just sayin’ 😉


You see, it’s like the fly. Woo random bit of open space, woo where am I? Buzzz buzz buzz blah blah blah.
The reminders of the past are pointless and unimportant, just as the fly itself is to us. It is in the room. But whatever, you can cover your food if you’re that paranoid. But it won’t do more harm than tangle in your hair and buzz of pure confusion.
I used to have very long, wavy hair – I know this can happen 😀

Same as the reminders of the past, there’s no negative or positive outcome. They’re just there.

Even if you open all the windows for those memories to fly away so you can forget and live calmly, well,
they probably bet stuck under an invisible leaf
or something purely random.

It takes practice to see them off, say the final goodbye. Just as gently catching the fly and letting her out.

Maybe those memories are just as confused where they even are as you are afraid of them being in there, what they might do.

As the fly, they can’t do anything major.
Maybe annoy a bit.
They like to do it.
It’s all they can do.
Just try to annoy you to that point you start to believe they’re real.

They can be stressful.
And other adjectives.

Unless you want to keep them, o’ course!
Keep the worthless muck so you can self-pity around!\


however you wish to rule and flow through your life;
It just takes a bit of resilience
mainly consistency
and having always some way to remind yourself of past’s lies.
Have your truth
and make it positive
Because only you are the ruler of your life’s Palace
and make its rules. Your rules.
Rule accordingly with what you desire, dream of, and wish the most.
and Knowing
all what matters is in your power ♥

For example, I often write everything I am afraid of written down. After each sentence, I look around and ask myself.
Is it true? What’s true right now?
Questions help a lot.
They didn’t use to as much, as my mind was clouded with all the fright and stress of the moment of the first impact.

Probably last thing –

Never beat yourself up for not being able to feel positive all the time.

This stuff takes time. Sometimes a LOT. It’s a fact. Never push yourself just because you don’t want to bother others anymore, or you feel shame etc. Please.

This is all I have to say at this moment to this subject.
Be kind to yourself, proud and strong,
You CAN win!

But do you WANT to WIN?

Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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