Soul Freedom

4-Weeks of pure guidance and deep soul dive into you. Learn who you are, gain clarity on your life's direction and own who you truly are. Now.

Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet

An easy-to-work with worksheet to help you change your thoughts and conquer bad head space - by changing it to good one.

Time, fun & activity Worksheet

Learn to value your time and prioritize the right things with this amazing worksheet.

Weekly Habit Tracker - systematic

Great habit tracker for determining your success and improvement over time, as well as for choosing which activites help you and which harm you.

The system of "reward points" provides a clear way to track your progress.

Dissolve Negative Thoughts

Wonderful tool for all of us who are often anxious, worry, or tend to jump to conclusions.

This worksheet challenges your inner negative approaches and one by one, dissolving any negative mental frameworks.