Feel okay about making mistakes!

The world is based on learning, trying, discovering. On vision, hope, leaps of faith.
Why bother trying to make everything 100% accurately right and with the norms, when it’s not only an unnecessary pressure to put on oneself – but also not even natural?

As soon as you take the whole problematics around the block a few times, you’ll see what I mean here.
Do you really think everybody has everything right on the 1st attempt?!

And, more important thing –
If you have it working on 1st attempt. It’s amazing, awesome, and congrats to you! BUUUT—
What if…
What if by sole experimenting with the starting concept,
you’ll find out even better style to do the same thing?

And maybe not!

The light uncertainty is part of the whole living-being fun, too.
No need to do too much fuss around it, if you ask me!

Mistake problematic

My dear,
I know.

I know you’ve probably been shunned or harmed, either mentally or physically for any, even the tiniest flicker of the mistake you’ve made, or could make – even before you actually did it.
Girl, I was even accused of the mistakes of others and beaten just for sake of adults in my family having fun. You can overcome all the impact people had on you in the past.

But I want you to see
Why you’re letting the past and worthless negativity-stuff vile people limit YOU in your freedom, glory, elegance, experimenting, and the probably most important, CURIOSITY!

It’s AMAZING to…
Find out for yourself.
Not following XY years old concepts in the already new present.

Part of it is making mistakes
No one can help it.
But there’s no need to!

Oh, my dear living being.
Did you know that true learning often comes from mistakes and play?
Mistakes are 100% okay, alright and ”well, whatever”

Mistakes have often led to gorgeous discoveries, destinations, and situations!
And if the push comes to shove, you’ll be the one feeling great about yourself! You acted on your own curiosity! You can note it down, saying ”Yea, girl, that didn’t work quite as I intended it to. Let’s shape it up differently, change this bit and that part. Let’s see, what it’ll do then!”
So clear your mental blocks, relax your mind and soul – no one can harm you if you won’t let them do so!
And continue the curiosity ride!

Ah, but those other people.

Those other people can relax away and their soul can suffocate in their own box made of mental blocks, negativity, pointless patterns and need to control and harm others.

A simple test for finding out if to keep someone close or not is –
If it’s quite usual the other person yells at you for trying out something new (and totally safe)
or making a tiniest thing slightly ‘wrong’ (slicing a 0.2 inch thinner slice of cake),
you well know to get them out of your contacts, mind, heart and life.

That’s the most annoying part, as they may bomb you with ”aaa i want you good”, ”why u do dis” ”[ insert other pushy-pushy attempts to make YOU the bad person in YOUR own eyes just for prioritizing the positivity in your life ]”

Think about this:
You have your goals, your ideals, your desired way to live and do things, right?
So, lovely… Do that person/people
– have any of those things?
– achieved anything you want?
– support you no matter what?
– really helped you in the times of true need?
– respected your goals, desires, styles, inspirations?
– said anything admirable inspiring, positive, interesting to you?
The list could go on for a while more, but I decide to stop.

I believe in you, I know you see what I mean by now.
Act on it, if you want.

But I want to do a completely new thing for me! Wat do I do?

If you want to start a new thing, go on! Make as many mistakes you need to! Or don’t!
One way or another, your mind and the subconscious won’t be trying to solve anything if you will sit around and thinking about how you can make no mistake and what horrors could happen if blahblahblah.

If you want to challenge this bad habit:
– Write down what you want to do.
– Think about it. What’s the worst reasonable thing that could go wrong?
(You know, because of three misspelled words in an essay there won’t be a random meteor shower right onto your head. Keep this in mind, sweetheart ♥)
– Write it down.
– Now, read it. Is it just a scarecrow or a real threat? It’s almost never a real threat.
+ If you’re feeling extra creative and in the broody mood – if that scarecrow would appear, how it will affect your life? Are there solutions for that too?

After you’re done with this exercise, you’ll see there’s no point in being afraid to take the risk of the possible mistake. You can still edit it. Do it differently the next time. Any reaction from others will pass as the time goes by. And those who matter won’t mind, and will maybe willing to help you!

no mistakes just for the sake of making them.

Why’d you even do that 😀

So ignore your brain’s overthinking tendencies, wave goodbye to the worry train’s passenger cars, and do your thing. Once, twice, doesn’t matter.

Have an amazing time mistake-making,

Do what feels right for You

and always

Flow Freely ♥

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