Difference Between PAIN and SUFFERING

The intro of this article doesn’t need to be long. After all, every single one of us has at least one experience with painful feelings. So hey, let’s welcome an article with less than a thousand words!

Pain is an inevitable part of life. You kick your toe, it hurts A LOT. Or if you accidentally bite your tongue, ow.

This article is not much about pain, but about its mental companion – THE SUFFERING.

Suffering is something non-existent in reality and only produced along with the feeling of pain. And a while afterward.

Regret, constant return to the start of the pain and contemplating how it had so good potential to be different, better… is something I get tied up in a lot. Well, at least I used to, until I realized that the person is not willing to stop harming me at every opportunity possible, often creating massive spikes of calmness and pain. I’m working on cutting all emotional ties and connections, as I did exhaust myself, trying to guide and help that person.

Anyways, less of my personal story. Plenty of people have gone through abuse, it’s not anything unique. Let me share what I learned through the fire 🙂


Suffering, yeah.

It’s different than pain, not even a part of it. It’s something completely separate, only in our minds. Therefore – we have a choice.
To embrace the pain, or create inner resistance of suffering and past-anchored-hopes.

Pain is the feeling of being wounded. However, the suffering is only a drama-version of it all, mashed distortion of the situation, emotion, feeling, rationalization.
It causes much more pain than the pain alone.
We feel like powerless victims, dragged by others and life. Just because we focus on it.

What Happens if You Enter the Pain

Entering and flowing through the present sensation of pain, loneliness, apathy, fear, sadness… It allows us to perceive, feel, and then leave on the other side of those feelings. With a clear head, with a clear heart. You could say it’s a road to happiness.
In its own way.

If you allow your pain to be felt without the ongoing suffering if you just give in and allow it to be felt… It will sweep through you, and leave you feeling alright.
The less resistance you create, the better it turns out.

It could be labeled as getting close & personal with your pain.Have it as a unique friend, who calls from time to time, notifying you of something, and making sure you’re okay. How strange that might sound 🙂
Being personal and close with such feelings and states further reduces the resistance. The pain no longer troubles you. It becomes only an… experience, a notification.
Be it wild, sweeping or soft, it washes through you and leaves you clean, free.

The resistance – suffering – is like a dam. A wave washes over, but the dam retains the water inside. Where, by the time, it becomes stale and putrid. Poisoning your mind further and further, causing more and more pain.

So, the simple advice:

Allow your pain to be felt, let it wash over and through you without any restraints. It’s soon over, and you’ll be left clean and clear headed. Tears or not, afterward you just wash your face and are ready again, to continue on with your day.

Oh my, did someone do the ‘pain’ word count? 😀 😀

Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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