Cleansing Our Relationships

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(—This article again includes meditation transcript. If you’re interested in a guided audio version, let me know! —)
As your soul may have noticed, during the past years the overall energetic profile of the Earth was shifting into better and higher levels.
Which gives us, and all other inhabitants, excellent daily opportunities to cleanse ourselves, to grow more and with much more ease.

With higher energies comes also higher and faster, sometimes also a more intense manifestation. Not only via rituals or angelic writings, but also purely with our own thoughts. That’s why now is even more important to maintain pure and quality thoughts and energies within us and around us.

As both positive AND negative thoughts are able to come to life more quickly than ever before. This counts for grocery cashier, sailor and a mage equally. It’s a universal energy shift.

The Outcome of Worries

Nowadays, being worried about our future ( be it anxiety or influence of various mumbo-jumbo prophecies ) makes US CREATE NEGATIVE energy  These energies combined with your intense focus AND emotion create doorways and portals for bad situations and accidents to happen.
All happening in our mind is able to happen. You may want to become a clean-freak about your headspace!
But hey, it’s your future.
And our future.

I’m going to prepare a bunch of articles about various kinds and techniques of the energy cleanse (despite no one taking the January 2019 Energy Cleanse Challenge lol.) Well, the information needs to be out there for the right folks to find! <3

What to Tweak

  • Be more present. By allowing yourself to perceive what is NOW, you’re far less prone to be worried about tomorrow’s lunch or whatnot.
  • If you see some prophecy or hear someone foretelling anything, that DOES NOT FEEL GOOD, ignore. Don’t comment, don’t read further, just move away with your focus, mind, and energy. It’s time to be more selective and caring about yourself. It’s not like you should persuade others to be different 🙂 Allow them to live their choices.
  • Play a little imagining game with yourself. Think about the future as of a calm, pleasant time. Sure, your brain might want to make your feel weird. But you know about the brain stuff already, so just make your brain get used to this new playtime.
  • Again, be more present. This time, regarding our past. Heck, every single living being has probably had some traumatic experience in their life. Some better, some worse, but on the scale of an individual, the worst they experienced is still the worst. It’s not unique, it’s not something to self-pity about.
    If you constantly bathe in the stale, murky waters of the past, how do you expect to be clean and fresh?!


Troubling People and Memories

The past can be a bit of a bihh, I know that too well. I still enter an instant panic attack every time I see certain people 😀 Nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just something many of us need to work on. It’s an opportunity, not a struggle! Keep this mindset 😉

To help your mind to easily separate from the past, here’s a little, baby meditation 🙂

  1. Start with a deep inbreath, and keep the depth and calm pace of your breath further onwards.
  2. Focus on your chest, the movements, sensations… As it rises with an inbreath, notice the expansion of ribs, of lungs, how the organs move and pulse gently. Again, on the outbreath, notice the slight wave of relaxation, washing over your whole being, making the whole body a bit more relaxed, a bit more limp.
  3. Keep breathing and focusing on your present feelings in the chest area. Keep it up, until you feel clear and calm.
  4. Now, visualise a pure white, glowing bubble all around you.
  5. Breathe out all your worries, which are being instantly repelled away by the power of the Light Bubble, repelled outwards, away from you.
  6. Somewhere far in front of you, the worries start to gain a shape. For this meditation, let’s say they gained a shape of a person who hurt you in the past.
  7. Wrap the shape into another bubble, of a light cyan color. All the energies being contained within, closed off.
  8. Now, you can see the connection appearing. A softly glowing string in a shape of an infinity symbol, as if number eight laid down on its side.
  9. Seeing the connection in the middle of the glowing string, you now CUT the string there, seeing the shape of the past flowing away.
  10. Focus on forgiveness for both you and the said person, the cluster of energy floating away. Forgive them for appearing and influencing you negatively. Forgive yourself for reacting to it and keeping the negativity trapped within.
  11. Take a series of deep breaths, this time leaving you feeling more energised and content.
  12. Slowly stretch your body, and open your eyes.

Listen to the Audio Guided Meditation HERE:

Well, I hope you feel at least a bit better!This is (once again) something, that might be necessary to repeat.

The longer something negative dwells and rots within us, the more ‘rooted’ it becomes. Similar to a mold, spreading from a rotten fruit. The more you let it spread, the longer you need to clean your table.

Have a lovely day!

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Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥


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