Calmness and Memories

I had a talk today.
It showed me how memories matter, even though in the hurricane of everyday life, tasks and short-term pleasures we barely find time to notice them.
But they’re still here.

For us to find joy in them, maybe to find understanding or a warning sign on a way of our life. They’re like an archive, of good and the bad – while the bad stands out due to programming of our brain. Fear that, be wary of that, that person did this 5 years ago.
But what it might not show you, is all that wonderfulness the very same person did as well. Through and through. More than several times more than the one bad thing.

As some would say, as long as the balance is on the good side, it can be accepted.

For a long time, I haven’t been able to daydream. Barely even able to create ideas.
Even though my head was full of memories, those weren’t the nice ones.
Oh, how rarely we return to enjoy our nice memories.
At least for a bit.
It’s a training of the brain, to keep us from repeating mistakes. But it’s still important to step away and acknowledge, that there are things, nice things, MANY nice things beyond the first-impression experience your head shows you.

Keeping track of nice memories, perhaps especially in a written form, can be helpful for the times you feel so down you can’t recall anything positive. Keep a small notebook, dedicated only to your beautiful and happy memories. As, when you are sad, grieving or overflowing with sorrow, you may not remember the nice memories. Only those few sad, that left a painful mark on your memory, the ones that broke your trust.
And that’s okay.
Just please,
take a step back, and look.

Take a look, intentional, deep and conscious. And you will find many beautiful memories, many beautiful things to rejoice upon, even if that’s just a flower swinging in the wind
or a sneeze of a young chicklet.

It sometimes happens, that we get absorbed in our own thoughts, seemingly with no way out.
Even then.
Step back.
Put all the ‘should be’ aside, and you get to see the situation.
And as soon as you accept the situation, for what it is, you can move on with freedom.

Because as long as you resist, it creates tension. And that tension binds you together with the pain and struggle.
Allow yourself to experience what you feel, in regards to anything.
Because only then it will pass on and leave you clean.

Action to take: Establish your ‘Good Memory Journal.’ Include your life successes as well, for the times you feel self-conscious beyond what’s acceptable.
Acceptable for who?
For you.


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