Black Dragon, Mystical powers mastered by Man – BOOK REVIEW

I wanted to start reading this book sooner. But, it says: “don’t read between xy hours and between zq hours.” When I am supposed to read it, then!?
No issue, right?
EXCEPT its winter! Therefore: Hellooo darkness my old friend, I haven’t got the best lightbulbs again…
And I’m not planning on stressing while reading in the 2hr gap in between. I love to read while I do my cardio at the gym, and my reader’s clock is constantly bewildered. Oh, what if I focus on the book!


‘Black Dragon’, you’re stretching my patience and the will to read you. And suck the knowledge outta you.
Darn literature.
“Read only while handstanding over the toilet and playing a didgeridoo.” Better than Horst Fuchs, for sure.
“These majestic knives only cut effortlessly through screws and nails between 4 AM and 9 AM, and then between 4 PM and 7 PM!


I’ve found a sufficient block of time for it. And where we are? In a
b-o-o-k r-e-v-i-e-w ~~~~~~

What is this book?

It’s pretty intense, mainly evocation handbook. Focused on demonology, with various names of beings, and their respective servant spirits.

Contains more than several manuals, either for tool making and for various ingredient-heavy spells. Often non-vegan, if you catch my drift.

I recommend NO ONE practicing, attempting or even pondering it. Note, that employing thralls of any kind and origin is downright risky and unpredictable. There are consequences as well. No attained item or position is worth of the struggle later.
Use your own energy, learn to channel the energy all around you and use that one instead. Takes a bit more patience and a clear head. And more effort on your side!


Denied, yoke-bearer weighed by greed, lust or other primal burdens.

By the way, most human beings who are interested in evocations are 13 years old and try to appear edgy, interesting and whatnot. Cut the drivel and use your head, not your primal instinct of -having more- and -breeding more-.
Life advice 101, thank me later.

Dear adolescents

step1)NO, there AREN’T invocation for succubi or incubi.

step2)Leave this article.

step3)Have a nice day and do the dishes. Farewell.

Book Review Part

Pre-word is a manual to.. acknowledge the book by the target inhabitants, HOWEVER, it talks about several useful things.
For example blessed holy chalk and blessed holy charcoal. And how to create them yourself!

There are also manuals to create protective and (mostly) commanding tools of the craft.

We encounter a list of spirit names, with complete invocations and the preferred payment we give.
Nature of the payment varies, as it can be a nut, a pebble, piece of burnt bread or a living mouse.
This is probably the longest part, including names of Astaroth and others… including Lightbearer.


Then there is a useful, exorcism part

which sounds legit enough to be efficient. However, all rites are dependable upon the power of the performer and mostly their willpower and concentration.

Lastly, we have an assortment of various spells. Again, mostly non-vegan for self-absorbed vile purposes.
Including seemingly powerful and fancy ones, such as Black Chicken rite or the Hand of Glory rite.
hand of fame requires a hair from the pubic area of a trotting mare, so that gives you a bit of a clue as well.

About a half of the spells/hexes are for promoting health and obedience of your herd animals, such as horses or sheep.


Final and bonus part –

We have some EDITED Christian prayers, some of them in Latin.
And yeah, that’s all!

The book is doing its best to emit the Christianity vibe. At least the author apologized at the start, that he had not created the book only for the greater good.
Luckily enough, all knowledge in the world can be used in more than several ways.

If I was a regular-minded common person, I could be enticed and drawn in by the promises the rites offer. Despite this, I can’t say I understand such dense people from the position I’m in.
It still screws into your head and bothers for a day or two, just like any other primal urge sometimes does. Ignore, it passes soon.

Best you can do, is to keep your interest in this purely academic.

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