Arcane Paintings

Arcane paintings are enchanting artworks from the realms of soul and heart.

Made using natural, high quality gemstones, these luxurious paintings bring life into any bland room,
connecting well with all other design elements.

Their custom design allows the perfect combination of aesthetic and effect.

Perfectly sealed and secured, you can expect the artwork to perform and endure direct sunlight, as well as expected handling and care.
Colors stay true, crystals stay forever.

Custom Artwork

Vortex of fine-tuned energy, created just for you!

Placing a custom painting in a room makes them radiate the energies and manifest the effect you’ve chosen for them to bring and enhance. I usually imbue them with chosen energies and intentions, and with positivity promoting symbols as well. Or perform a ritual tied to finished painting!

The shapes are created intuitively, the materials are chosen based on intuition and higher guidance as well.

Materials vary. Gold, gemstones, fabric, whole pieces of jewelry, preserved leaves, driftwood and many more may be used to create the spiritual composition matching your intention and the design of your apartment.

You get to choose the size of the painting as well!

Custom Paintings are most often created on canvas – then shipped in a tube or in a super-reinforced package. Straight to you!

This is the best opportunity to reach out and book a special piece for yourself!