Antigravity Breasts and the Power of Choice

Okay so, here’s the fast version:

>> You get what you choose and decide for. <<

Main thingy-version now –

Antigravity breasts. What an ‘unreachable’ imagination desire body trait! Ans SO INCREDIBLY ACCESSIBLE! Hey, it is – exactly as every other universe meddling stuff here 😀

This world is so incredibly wonderful.

You get exactly what is inside of you!

Let me tell you my breaststory: *imagine me knitting on a rocking chair in front of a fireplace lol*

Like a mass of women, I was wearing a dumb, subconsciously restricting bra. As my vibes and intellect were getting higher, I started thinking of getting rid of that gnarling, freedom-sabotaging piece.
Of course, as being held in a bra for their whole lifetime – my breasts were feeling down. You know what I mean, all the sagginess and such.
a) talk about how tragic it is
b) start wearing bras again
c) go with the flow and have a mindset that they will cheer up.


Body transformation is probably the most challenging for many people. Why?
Because you can see and try to stalk-track the results of course! And what happens then?


Pointless unnecessary DOUBTS to creep up. And of course the regular human brain activity: “Yay, a mirror reflection! Let’s percept you much uglier than you are in reality!” Who even programmed that organ…


As I was saying, body changes and transformations are the most challenging.
What do you need to do, then?

Let the outcome go. Let the matter of time go.
Time is irrelevant, and you get to the outcome you root in your minds belief ‘planter’.
The beginning and the end of it.

If you just SOMEHOW WISH AND HOPE for amazing antigravity breasts of steel and emerald-carved nipples, (not literally :D) the whole intention will deflate like a cheap branded promo balloon.

Setting the right intention is only the first step, second is to stop tracking the outcome you want.

you want breasts. Breasts want you. Checked.

But as soon as you’ll be worrying “Where are my titanium-glazed jiggly chest parts?.” those said parts will be SHY to come into your reality, as your whole focus will be PUSHING onto that area, freezing it into stasis and not allowing any change at all.

Let your nipples PIERCE THE HEAVENS!

So, like I said a thousand times:

  1. State what you want.
  2. Keep an eye on your brain works.
  3. Root it – it usually takes 1-3 weeks of denying your brain any of his nonsense
  4. Release the time and space boundaries. The change can happen overnight, the change can happen in a year. Enjoy the trip.
  5. And lastly – be glowingly proud of yourself! Keep your back straight, chest open and breathe deeply.

You’re amazing and totally deserve it 🙂

Do what feels right for you,

and always,

Flow Freely ♥

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