I believe everyone is worthy of living their life to the fullest. For some it means to watch birds and trees all day long, for others maybe visiting fancy restaurants and spending time with their huge family. For all I know, maybe you parachute daily and write horror novels while you glide!

Your priorities, values and goals matter. Opinions of others, however influential or wannabe-good, are nothing compared to your true, soul guidance and intuition.

Numbers of people being scared to show who they are, who they want and need to be, just because aunt thinks otherwise. Isn't it a shame, if it were to happen to another person... to YOU?

Stand out proud!

Do what feels right, and always flow freely ♥


I might seem reserved during initial conversations, as I have been gifted with neither gatling gun speech speed, nor with small talk social skills.
As soon as I open up, there’s a flood of ideas, subjects, curious images and overall uniqueness. In a very gentle and loving way– not like I’d steal your lawnmower and make a solar-powered space rocket our of it.

I especially like baby birds. Their tiny squeaky voices calling out "MOM! DAD! LOVE ME! I'M HUNGRY!!!" are the very embodiment of cuteness.

Otherwise I enjoy free time in humid saunas, at walk,  watching ducks or playing video games.

her companion Maru

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